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Addiction Recovery for Women

Alcove Recovery provides long-term residential recovery treatment programs for women who are experiencing co-occurring issues including addiction, mental health distress and a history of abuse. Alcove is the only recovery residence in Calgary that allows mothers and children to remain together during the recovery process in a home-like setting.

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12-week live-in and aftercare programs
Individual and Family Programs
Online Treatment Programs

Individual Treatment

Alcove is a long-term addiction recovery residence for women dealing with addiction, abuse, and mental health distress. Our residential treatment services are a 12-week, highly structured, intensive program provided in a safe, home life setting in the community.  Professional onsite counselors provide the core curriculum, which is trauma-based and gender-responsive for women struggling with addiction and trauma issues.  A shared room and board is provided, in addition to psychoeducation, life/employment skills training, participation in mutual aid supports and recreation activities.

Family Treatment

Alcove offers shared accommodations for women who are pregnant or have children under the age of 6. Alcove’s unique services work towards keeping families intact and allowing mothers and their children to remain together during the healing process. This is a 12-week treatment program that follows the same curriculum as the individual program, and in addition provides parent training, cooking classics, and parent/child relationship rebuilding.

Online Treatment

Alcove’s free online program offers support services for women who a) are waiting to get into a recovery program, b) unsure if residential recovery programming is right for them, c) have completed residential recovery programming and are transitioning back into the community, and/or d) looking to deepen their recovery practice by gaining further knowledge, skills and tools.  Professional Counsellors and Recovery Coaches offer group sessions and individual supports, with client-centred goals and a trauma-informed and recovery focused lens. 

Alcove: Our Mission

Each woman’s inherent worth and dignity deserve honour and respect.

Women who face overwhelming challenges need to be understood, valued, and supported.

Adversity can be overcome through education and by acquiring life skills.

True health brings together the body, mind, and spirit.

Recovery demands responsibility.

For more than forty years, Alcove has been helping women turn their lives around and break the cycle of addictions, abuse and mental health distress.


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A Supportive Hug

Alcove has helped me in so many ways that it has brought me to tears. Tears that have helped me to heal my life and bring back that person I was before my addiction.

Jonelle, Alcove Client

When I first came to Alcove I was a very broken, shattered and shameful woman. I was terrified, lonely and scared. The staff here were genuine, supportive and compassionate. I felt at home during my first time in the program. Today I am clean and sober, I have my own apartment, and work full time, all thanks to the Alcove program and staff.

Kim, Alcove Client

Alcove has made an incredible difference in my life and my child's life. You have given me hope when I could not find hope myself!

Julie, Alcove Client

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Make a Difference

Our work would not be possible without the support of our community! Your donations help women and children in need from all over the city find hope and safety. 

Every donation makes a difference in our lives


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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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