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Holding Hands

For more than forty years, Alcove has been helping women turn their lives around and break the cycle of addictions, abuse and mental health distress.

Inside Alcove

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Guiding Principles

Alcove provides safe, long-term, and family-style residential accommodation to women seeking recovery. Alcove ensures the support of professional and compassionate counsellors for the women in their care.


Alcove promotes healing and facilitates personal growth by providing a unique program appropriate to the individual needs and strengths of each client. Alcove guides women through the transition into the community to lead productive and rewarding lives.

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Alcove Addiction Recovery Centre for Women is a non-denominational charity that has been a safe haven for hundreds of women fleeing domestic violence, who also suffer from addictions and mental health issues. Since 1972, we have offered residential treatment to those seekingto better themselves and the lives of their children.

The women who come to Alcove have suffered abuse, trauma and mental health stress. Treating women with substance abuse requires trauma-informed, gender specific treatment that allows women to find the root of their trauma to beat addiction.

Unique to Alcove is that the women are able to continue the healing process with their children intact, making the journey to sobriety 50% more effective.  In addition to providing individual and group therapy, Alcove's skilled team provides parenting classes, cooking classes and more to help women get back to living a present, sober life.

Board of Directors:

Alcove Board Members:

Brian Beck

Past Chair
Cathy Spackman

Vice Chair
Carly Duerr

inne Zanewich

Doug Mills


Carolynn Black
Evan J Strong
Sarah King D’Souza
Nancy Remington
Sydney Black

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