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Rainbow to Recovery

A unique online addiction recovery treatment program

Online Treatment

Next Online Addiction Treatment Program Dates: September 12 to October 7, 2022

Alcove offers online counseling support services for women who a) are waiting to get into treatment, b) unsure if residential treatment is right for them, and/or c) have completed residential treatment and are transitioning back into the community. Professional counselors and practicum students will offer individual and group sessions, with a trauma-informed and recovery focused lens. Individual support is based on client-centered goals and supporting the individual through the phase of recovery they are in. Group sessions will focus on specific topics that will be supportive to recovery.

The online treatment program is 4 weeks, starting at the beginning of each month.  We are now taking applications for September/October See below to Apply.

If you or a loved one is interested in the online counseling support services with Alcove, please complete the Application Form below, and your submission will be sent to our Online Coordinator.


"The Alcove Online Treatment Program saved me when I wasn't able to be in residential treatment."

Client Photo 1.jpg

"An amazing experience!
I learned so much about myself and being able to do treatment online helped with my anxiety."

Northern Lights

"Online treatment was my best possible option - I wanted to get sober and this was a lifeline for me."

Online Treatment Application Form

Before we begin, please note that all Online Treatment is conducted via Zoom, and we require your consent to have yourself on camera, as well as consent to have the Sessions recorded, for sharing with other students and Alcove personnel.*

Have you been to treatment before?
Have you accessed counselling services before?
Are you currently experiencing thoughts of suicide?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
Are you taking any medication?
Are you interested in

**Please note that there is a short waitlist for the online program

If you have been accepted into the Online Treatment Services Program, you will be asked to fill out “Permission to Record Audio/Visual” form below, as the treatment is held virtually.

Privacy Statement: Alcove abides by the FOIP and CASL laws of Canada regarding the data protection and privacy of all individuals. We do not rent, sell, share or distribute any information submitted in this application. This application is secure.

Online Services - Audio/Video Recording Consent
PERMISSION FOR AUDIO OR VIDEOTAPING during Alcove's Online Sessions.
Permission to Audio/Videotape Online Sessions

*Note: This release must be signed by all family members 18 years of age or over and or signed by a parent or legal guardian of a minor or child still of school age.

I (we) authorize Alcove Addiction Recovery Centre for Women to use any audio or audio-visual recordings made of myself (us) and (our) family, for the purposes of:

(a) evaluation by the counselor

(b) supervision by the counselor’s supervisor

(c) teaching to other professionals.


All recordings are to be erased immediately after their use, and their use is restricted to one or more of the above-stated purposes.

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