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  • Paula Arnold

Dear Alcove Newcomer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Coming to treatment is a big decision. I know for myself I had no life that my addiction consumed me, and I needed a change.

I was so sick that if I didn’t seek out help, I would be dead.

I made lots of bad choices, but the best decision besides my son was to get treatment.

It’s hard in a new place, a bed you don’t like, sharing a room, but that person can turn into a confidant when you are down, and unable to talk to others. It takes time and you should adjust as long as you want a sober life, you can have fun without using, and you only have to be in the NOW, one day at a time.

In the beginning at Alcove, I did roll my eyes at some things we have to do, but after a couple of months I found I actually enjoy them some. I started to look into myself, letting go of the intense shame and guilt I was holding.

The time here at Alcove has made me realize I will ALWAYS be in Recovery and that’s okay with me. I have lots to learn and many years to go about it. Acknowledging my feelings is hard, asking for help is hard. But being sober isn’t. Hiding, suppressing was unhealthy for me and I made poor choices.

I’m glad I took this time for me. I believe my path forward will have MANY joys or sad times, but I will learn and remember you all as I stay on this Recovery Journey. I wish you all the best,

- Tracy

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