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Holiday Season Fundraising Campaign

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 Alcove Addiction Recovery Centre for Women is a non-denominational charity that has been a safe haven for hundreds of women fleeing domestic violence, who also suffer from addictions and mental health issues. Since 1972, we have offered residential treatment to those seeking to better themselves and the lives of their children.

The women who come to Alcove have suffered abuse, trauma, and mental health stress. Treating women with substance abuse requires trauma-informed, gender-specific treatment that allows women to find the root of their trauma to beat addiction.

Unique to Alcove is that the women are able to continue the healing process with their children intact, making the journey to sobriety 50% more effective.  In addition to providing individual and group therapy, Alcove's skilled team provides parenting classes, cooking classes, and more to help women get back to living a present, sober life.

What does the face of an addict look like?

Mother and Daughter

We are your daughters

Your Donation Matters

Every dollar you contribute to Alcove's Winter Warmth campaign becomes a beacon of hope for women in need.

Loving Child

Sponsors life skills therapy for a mother

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Provides shelter for two women & children for two nights

Holding Hands

Allows one woman to attend two trauma counselling sessions

Sponsor 6 weeks of weekly parenting workshops

Image by Gift Habeshaw

A donation of this amount provides immense support for so many women and children

Image by Hillshire Farm

Provide nourishing meals for one woman and her child at Alcove

Image by Becca Tapert
Image by Paul Hanaoka

Helps in funding 10 counseling sessions for women dealing with addiction.

Child care services for one child in our 12-week residential program

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Your donation supports our weekly recreation activities for one year.

Your substantial contribution enables Alcove to secure a haven for a woman and her child in our 12-week residential program.

Other Ways to Give

Share with your networks about


and help make Alcove a charity of choice

this holiday season.
Contact us for social media graphics.

Host a fun event during the holidays

with Alcove as your charity recipient.

Contact us for more info

Make Alcove your charity of choice at

corporate challenges this holiday season

Contact us for more info

For more information, please contact:

Shelley Heartwell

Executive Director

(403) 242-0722

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